H1B Stamping - LA1 Individual Stamping


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Hi Murthy Law Firm, 


Urgent help and advice needed. 


1. In April 2015, employer B filed my H1B application and it got picked in lottery.

2. In July 2015, my current employer A processed my L1A Individual and I have received my Approved Petition but stamping is pending. I have delayed stamping so far    so that I can directly go for H1B stamping instead of L1A.

3. Meanwhile sometime in June an RFE was issued for my H1B with employer B, to which they responded on september 21.

4. Now my current employer wants me to go for L1A Stamping as It is required to get stamp within 6 months of approved petition. is this correct?


I am confuse if I go for L1A Individual(Managerial VISa) stamping sometimes this month and after which I am required to go for stamping for H1B will there be any issue in getting h1B stamped. 


Please help.

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Thanks for the quick reply.

1. Just to be more clear L1A stamping by Oct end and H1B Stamping immediately after that say by Nov end. I hope not an issue.Please re-confirm.

2. L1A Individual is Managerial VISA and H1B is highly skilled labor VISA. I hope switching from L1A to H1B in this case is not an issue. Both stamping may happen in India only without me traveling on L1A (No Travel at all on L1A). Please confirm

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