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I was on Green Card for more than 5 years and in about 3 months I am making a move to India to take care of few things related to my family. I plan to stay in India for 2 years and depending on how things go, I may stay there or come back (I am currently working for a US company in US and the plan is to make an internal move to India). I am applying for a re-entry permit. When I come back, I heard that the immigration officers can deny permission to enter into US under certain circumstances. Do I have to maintain residence in US to prevent this from happening? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you!

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This whole "working for the Indian branch" is a bad idea.

Even with a reentry permit, the stay abroad has to be temporary, with a clear ending date.



"hose considering longer travel must obtain the reentry permit as the proper document for the permanent resident to request reentry after up to two years of travel abroad. However, both the green card and the reentry permit do not automatically guarantee one will be processed into the U.S. as a permanent resident at the POE."

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