Query on job prior to H1B Stamping


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Hi All,


I have a query on job prior to H1B Stamping.


I was working for company A in india.


I attended an interview for company B based in US and got an offer with H1B sponsorship.


As usual application for H1B was filed on 1st April 2015.


In the month of May 2015, i resigned from company A and became an independent contractor for companies in india on specific services. Later i came to know (july 2015), that my H1B application has been selected in lottery.....


I have been given all docs and have been asked to be ready for H1B stamping and interview.


My question, how does my scenario fare during H1B stamping since, i am an independent contractor (a Business Owner) with CA letter, income proof, etc.


Any inputs would be greatly appreciated.



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