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Below is My status, can you please suggest your input:


I came to us on Jan 2014 and My H4 visa is valid until Oct 2016(Stamped using my Husbands I797 approval notice)


on Oct 2014, my H1B is approved and i started working the same month. I lost my job on march 2015 and due to some family concerns, i decided to change status back to H4. I applied COS by filling  I-539 with all the necessary documents  - my pay checks, my husbands documents etc on April 29th 2015. I got my receipt from USCIS and my online status shows "Case was received". I contacted USCIS recently and they said they will open a SR to get my case status as it already took more than their regular processing time. I researched online and looks like COS is taking time. Now i have to travel to india in the month of December.  



Below are my questions:


I have a valid VISA stamp (H4) till Oct 2016, Can i travel to india during December and come back in january 2016 without going to stamping again? I'm not sure what my status now will be as i applied for COS and still waiting on the approval. 




Will i have to go for h4 stamping again even though i have a valid stamp because i changed my status ? 


Please suggest. Thanks in advance. 

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