EB3 to EB2 140 is approved. What option is good next?

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My Eb2 140 is approved with old EB3 priority date ported(June 2005).

I already filed 485 in 2007 (concurrent filing).

Now i am filing 485 to my spouse.

Question(1): What should i do to initiate the old 485 application?

Question(2): What is the best option? Just sending a letter is sufficient or is it better to file new 485 with new approved 140?

Appreciate your response.

Please share your experiences those who are in the same boat and who received GC's in this EB3 2 EB2.

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Once one has the new approved EB2 I-140 with the old priority date (from the prior EB3 case) then one can notify USCIS to request an interfiling. Basically, one should officially request USCIS to based one's pending I-485 application on the newly approved EB2 I-140 with the old priority date. The priority date should be current at the time that one requests interfiling.

With interfiling, it is not necessary to file a new I-485 application when one already has the I-485 pending. In fact, it is generallyl not recommended for one person to have two I-485 applications pending simultaneously.

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