Getting Valid Residency Status for Permanent Resident (Please read the details)

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Hi everyone,


I have a peculiar case for my wife.


She is a permanent resident; however we didn’t receive her green card as USCIS delivered to an older address. We have already filled I-90 on 10th July 2015 and may take a few months for GC to come. Last week, my wife’s passport and immigration documents (containing I-485 approval & I-797 Welcome notice) got lost.


We have a long pending plan for India trip on first week of November and have booked tickets long back, however we need to re-issue the passport and get I-551 stamp before the travel traveling.


I have following questions:

  1. To re-issue the passport, I need to verify the valid residency status. She currently neither has green card nor the passport to get I-551 stamp. What we can do to get a valid residency proof that is accepted by India consulate in San Francisco/ BLS international to re-issue the passport?
  2. She was earlier on H4 visa. However after GC, I believe H4 status is no more valid and we can’t use those documents, isn’t it?


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