F2 to F1 COS while F2 to H4 COS pending


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I am currently on F2 visa and have filed for Change of Status to H4 visa on my husband's approved H-1B petition on September 28, 2015. Now, I would like to change my status to F1 to start graduate school from Spring 2016 (January 25, 2016). Can I file a Change of Status application for F1 while my F2 to H4 COS is pending? If yes, how will USCIS process my case and how ling will it take me to get my F1 COS approval? Also, if I file form I-539 for Change of Status to F1 while my H4 COS application is pending, what is my current non-immigrant status? Is it F2?

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Yes you can file Change of status to F1. File to Californina Service Center which is very fast.


If your F2 to F1 approves first, you would have to withdraw F2 to H4.


If F2 to H4 approves first and then F2 to F1 approves later, you are good as your latest status will be F1.



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