PERM not received H1-B Expiring


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1. My PERM was filed in June 2015. What is the current processing time?
2. My H1B expired 23rd Sept. 2015. The lawyer re-captured time out of the country till January 7th 2016. Which was approved.

What are my options in this situation?

3. Is getting on H4 an option? my husbad is in his 1st 3 years of H1-B.

4. Is F1 an option? I already have a Masters degree.

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1. I believe it's 6-7 months. You can check on icert website.

2. Your PERM decision is likely to come late Dec/ Jan - so that's cutting it close to your H1B expiry. And assuming there isn't an audit and its approved, you will still need atleast 2-3 weeks to file for I-40 in premium and hope for approval prior to Jan 7.

3. H4 looks the best option, and you can continue working.

4. F1 is possible but tricky. COS from H1 to F1 has a wait time as well and will take 3-4 months or more - during which you can start school but can't work.

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