My visa interview experience at Montreal US Embassy -2015


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ThIs is my first h1b. I was on F1 visa. I went to montreal for stamping. My i797 said i need to go to home country or any other US embassy outside US and fill out another application to transfer petition from home country to that particular embassy ( this process is 4 month long + $450ish extra). Its is required for PIMS verification.


I went and applied for canada visa which took 1 day to approve and 7-10 days to get my passport stamped with canada visa back in my hands. I picked an appointment at any location with earliest date. 


Questions at US embassy:

1. did you have previous US visa ?

2. Who is your employer ?

3. Is your education background related ?

4. Explain what you do.


Took 3 mins max during which i kept talking longer so interview get stretch and made a small conversation about my future about marriage and stuff.. Since my PIMS is not verified, he couldn't issue right away. I asked him to get it verified and i will wait. HE said it will take 1 week to verify. My visa interview was on Monday morning, they were able to verify on thursday morning and ship passport on friday. I received passport on Tuesday. Passport is shipped to local collection center. if PIMS was verified then 2-3 days. 


Was a smooth transition. The list of requirement documents were collected from various other posts on this forum. SO you can get a complete list of required docs from there.


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Hi - I had a successful interview on Sep 29. Usual questions and asked for a resume,which i fortunately carried. I was told my visa is approved. But the Ceac website still says its under "administration processing". Today would be the 5th business day and i am yet to get my passport back. How long does it take to the get the passport typically? 

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