H1B Transfer Denail


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I transferred H1B visa (May 18th) From Employer A to Employer B.

Employer B received RFE and responded to RFE on September 8th 2015. USIS denied REF petition on Sep 18th.


I have I-94 validity till Feb 28th 2016 with previous employer (A)  


Question 1. Am on Status? Am not sure Employer A is revoked my Old H1.


Question 2. I requested with Employer C and he is willing to transfer my H1B petition.  Is it really legal to transfer petition .What are the chances approving the Visa?


Question 3 : If am out of status with in how many days I need to volunteer Departure (VD) the country.


Question 4 : If am out of state i can request some  employer D to file my H1 transfer , if my H1 transfer approved with valid I-797 documents I can enter in to USA  with out stamping(I have valid I-94 till Feb 2016 with my Employer A) 


Appreciate your suggestions and replays 

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You are out of status from the denial date on. H1 revocation doesn't matter.

There is no grace period. You have zero days. You have to leave the country.

A new employer can file an H1 petition, and you can enter with the valid visa and a copy of the new approval notice.

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