H1B visa Validity changed - after h1b transfer


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Hi Friends,


I got my H1B  visa  approved  from employer A for the period from  10/2013 to 09/2016.  But Since my current company wants to retain me.I changed my H1B from the employer A  to the current company. (please note for Employer A , i just got the stamping done, but never entered usa or never worked for them)


My h1b Transfer got approved, i got the new i797 for the current company  from  08/2015 to 05/2018.I Entered USA first time on h1b a month back. 


My Doubt is, couple of colleagues told me, when we apply for h1b transfer, i should get approval only for the rest of the time left with the old i797.( i applied for h1b transfer on 06/2015, during that time i had 1.3 years  validity left on the  i797 provided by company A).  is it true? am i wrongly provided h1b for longer duration or since i didn't enter usa and never worked for company A,  i am provided with fresh 3 years?


Looking forward your response.



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