Birth Certificate - Translation needed?


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I am applying for I-485 and this is regarding birth certificate.


My birth certificate will be in following format in both English and my local language.




1. "Name" in my language/Name: XXXX

2: "Father Name" in my language / Father Name: XXXXX

3: "DOB" in my language / DOB: 01/01/1980

4: "Place of Birth" in my language / Place of Birth: Mumbai, India


So, like this there are equivalent words in English beside my local language. 

Please let me know if I still need to get a certified English translation letter for my birth certificate.


If so, where can I get it get it for decent price?


Thank you...

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My birth certificate will be



will be? as in you gonna get one now? then it's waste of will need NABC..


Why not get just English only letter...CIS may want translation of any foreign language on the certificate just to make sure that it is not any negative information..

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