Starting GC for wife and husband from same employer Vs different employers


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I am working on H1B with employer A and my spouse is working on H1B with employer B. Now she wants to change the employer from B to a new employer. We both want to have our Green Card processing as two different cases (just to have a back up to each other, if one get rejected or query, at lease will have an option to stay). My employer A is planning to start the GC processing before this year end for me and also for my wife (if she wants to join in employer A).


1. Is there any risk, if we both apply for GC processing from the same employer.


2. What are the advantages and disadvantage in applying as two individual cases (instead of jointly applying)


3. Join in employer A (where I am working currently) or a new employer C, which is the safe for my wife w.r.t. GC processing ( as my GC processing is going to start soon with employer A).


Thanks a lot for your time.

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