H1b Expiring on Sep 30th


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Hello Sir,



Thanks for all your help through your web site. Great Job you are doing.


Our company has applied for my H1-B extension and also H4 extension from USA for my Spouse and Son and got the receipt notice (One application under my Wife's name for my Spouse and Son). We received the RECEIPT NOTICE dated 23rd July 2015. As of now, all the cases my H1B extension, family H4 extension Cases are in RECEIVED stage only as per USICS website.


My wife only travelled to India for Emergency for 3 weeks and back to US on 15 Sep. All our VISA is valid till 30th September 2015.


What will happen to my Spouse/Son's H4 extension ? Will that H4 application  be abandoned ?  Do we need to re-apply ?


Would be GREAT if you could advise me on the same.


Thanks and Regards,


Ramesh N

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