Multiple H1B petitions


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I have the below scenario

While in India Employer A applied for H1B petition, got approved last year (October), later went for stamping this year June and got visa stamped.

Worked in London during this period

Later my present employer B agreed to file and the petition is approved.


Position with the employer A is that of a programmer analyst

Position with the employer B is under the role of a senior software engineer

Role is focussed on big data testing.


Now employer B wants me to undergo stamping again.

My concern is the following

1. Will the original petition be nullified if I get the visa restamped?

2. Will the originial visa be nullufied and marked as cancelled?

3. Is there a possibility for both the visa being denied?

4. If in future I want to work for emploer A will there be a new petition required to be filed?

5. Would it rather be better to just work for Employer A and leave employer B if they insist on re-undergo stamping?


I have not yet worked in USA for a single day. I would really appreciate any inputs.

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