On H1- B extension but Visa not expired, is H1-B Stamping required?


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I got my first H1-B in 2012 (from Sep 2012 to Sep 2015) and got it stamped in 2013 in Canada. Visa was approved and expiry date on it say 13 July 2018. However on Visa there is a PED and it says “PED – 28SEP2015”. When I reentered US, at port of entry it was stamped and noted as H1-B Sep 28, 2015.
Now am getting my H1-B extended which will expiry Sep 28, 2015. Am with same employer (full time employee to client). Am visiting India this October. Two questions -
1) Should I get my Visa stamped with new H1 extension?
2) Am I eligible for drop box in Hyderbad?


Thanks for response!

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