Wrong SEVIS Information - Green Card Application


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During my OPT, I started working for Employer A and moved to Employer B after a few months. I recently identified that my SEVIS information has been wrongly entered. According to the entered information I have unemployment of more than 90 days although that's not the case. I applied for my OPT extension and got it approved early last year and my H1 has been approved this year.

I am now confused and worried about filling my employment information in the DS160 form. My school DSO has given me a letter confirming the mix up , but have added in the letter stating that I will have to produce my Employment letter form Company A to support my case. He has also asked me for an Employment Letter so that he can request a change of information with SEVIS dept. I have asked employer A for an experience letter and he says he does not want to give one. Also, when I started working for A, I worked as an unpaid intern and hence do not have any pay stubs. 

Request that the below questions be answered considering the above case.

1.)Is this going to hamper my chances of getting my Visa stamped?
2.)What are the repercussions of not getting my SEVIS information changed, considering that I am not going to be an f1 student anymore?
3.)Will USCIS verify such information at any time in the future?
4.)What information should I enter in my DS160 form, if I am not successful in getting my SEVIS information changed.

Thank you all in Advance

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