H4-F1 and now H4-F1


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Hi, I am looking for some suggestions,experts please suggest...


I guess everyone on OPT/ OPT stem extension must have been familiar with OPT Stem Extension could be revoked as per Federal Judge from Feb 12 2016(which is not clear yet and still have to wait for DHS to answer)


Few Details about me :

I came to usa in March 2012, converted to F1 in September 2013 ,Graduated in Aug 2014, working since Aug 2014 

Currently I am on OPT Stem Extension which expires Jan 20th 2017( working as Junior level Web developer)




1.as i am ,i have a option to convert from F1 to H4 but  when should i apply for F1-H4 conversion?when should i send application for converting f1-h4?how many days will the process take to convert F1-H4?

2.can i specify exact date to start my H4 status? for ex:feb 13th 2016 to start my H4 status? few of my friends H4-f1 status converstion took alomost 8 months to get approvved so wanted to apply soon

3.If i send  my f1-h4 conversion in october 2015  and if i get approval of H4 before feb 12 2016 i will be safe in USA to stay but

4.what about if my F1-H4 converstion is still pending/not approved by Feb 12 2016 and beyond? is it illegal to stay in USA when conversion is still in process?

should i have to go back to india after feb 12 2016? and come back once h4 is approved? 

(one of my cousin is not going to get her GC/Citizenship for ever  as she was in USA illegally for 3 days when she got laid off on H1 and she is on EAD since 5 years and her husband is a Citizen)

4.do i have to go for VISA stamping? after F1-H4 conveted?



5.how about I apply F1-H4 converstion in November 2015, Join in another college get CPT? HOW this could work? any idea?


Please help..





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