H1B Extension regular- receipt delay


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Its been more than a month since my H1B extension package was received by the CSC processing center. We are still waiting for the receipt notice. Check sent along with the pkg has been encashed four days after the pkg was received.

Is anyone aware of any such receipt delays in CSC center?



Aug 8th: pkg received by CSC

aug 12th: check encashed.

Sept 14- no receipt yet

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I'd say you are still in a better position as compared to mine. My H1B Visa Extension was applied in late June'15. The H1B Package received by USCIS on 30th June 2015. Today is 25th September, and I have still not received the Receipt Notice. My Compan't Attorney was able to extract my Receipt Number from the encashed check. But that does not solve my problem. My I-94 is expiring on 10th October, and if I do not receive the Receipt Notice till then, I will have no proof of Extension. the FedEx Receipt or Receipt Number is not a physical evidence of H1B Extension filing with USCIS.


My Attorney has placed a service request with USCIS regarding my Receipt Notice last week, but we are yet to hear back from them. As per the rule, an employee can continue to work with the same employer for a period of 240 days after the expiry of the I-94 provided a timely extension has been filed , and he holds a valid proof of filing. I am not sure what are my options after 10th October. What if someone asks me about my Visa Status? What will i do? Can anyone help me here.

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