H-1B break and MBA


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I have a question regarding H-1B and further studies (MBA from a top school). I am currently in the beginning of the fourth year of my H-1B. There is some talk about my EB2 sponsorship but the company is really slow and the PERM process may take more than a year. I would like to know what would happen after I start my MBA in fall-2016 (on F1 status) and finish in 2018. 
I have already used up my OPT previously at the MS level. More importantly, my six-year "lottery-free" period of H-1B will end in Sept. 2018. Could I go on H-1B job right after finishing my MBA in 2018 without entering the lottery again (just few months before Sept.2018)? If yes, how much time will the new company have to apply for my PERM and green card?

Also, if I start MBA in fall of 2017 instead of 2016, how the above situation will change?


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