I-94 is Expiring


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Hi Jairichi,


Which is best place for I-94 renew.I want to go to the mexican border (San Ysidro) near sandeigo airport?.Me my wife also travelling with me because her I-94 also expiring soon (she on H-4) and we renewed both our passports.


Please advice me.Does mexico need visa?

If your H1B visa is valid there is no need for a visa to Mexico. There is a post in this forum where members share their experience about crossing the border with Mexico and getting their I94 renewed.

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If you have a valid H1B visa, you can go to mexico without mexico visa. All you need to do is walk over the border, and return back to US.


Please note: Before you get to Port of Entry, you need to go to a building to get I-94 card. You will be required to pay $5. They will issue only a paper I94, and using that you need to go to port of entry. Hold onto you paper I94, until your departure and arrival is reflected online.




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