How soon can I quit after i-140 approval


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I have a few questions about my i-140 state:


1] How soon can I quit after my i-140 is approved?


2] My i-140 notice date is June 30 2015, and my company is going through tough time and may do layoffs in a month or may be less from now.

Am I eligible to do premium processing at this stage and Should I go ahead looking at my company situation or rather wait for another month to see if it gets approved?


3] If I secure a job in a month from now, should I expect any priority date portability issues?


My priority date is Nov 25 2015 and I am currently on H1B.


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1. EAD is applied for only with/after your I-485

2. When you switch jobs, your new eployer should already have an approved H1 work permit for you, so your old employer can't do anything.

3. Your new employer will have to file PERM, and I-140 all over again but you retain your priority date from the *earliest* I-140 that was approved.

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