Six yrs of H1B finished.I94 expired.COS H1 to F1 pending. I140 approved. H1B extension in PP pending


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Hi All, 

6 years of H1B expired in       May 2015 so I94 also expired in May 2015

Perm labor approved   in        July  2015

Filed I539 COS H1 to F1 on     May 2015   still pending. It has been more than 3.5 months

I140 was approved on            July 2015


H1B extension based on         Sept 2015   Still pending

approved I140 filed in 

premium processing to         

California center 



Meanwhile I am keeping my F1 status and waiting for H1B extension to approve and hoping to receive a I94 with new date.


My questions are


1. While H1 to F1 COS is still pending, can I expect H1B extension?

2. Will I get a new I94 with new date?

3. Am I required to go to consular visit to change my status from F1 to H1?


Any helpful suggestions of comments in this regards are much appreciated.


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