Approved 140 and back to filing Employer am I good to go for AOS


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Hi All



Experts Please advise


Company A: Got an approved 140 Priority Date Jan 2011


Company B: Moved to them in 2012 and as GC was getting delayed moved back to Company A in 2014 and am with them now since 2014 Sep.


Do I need to file Perm again with same company (140 wasn't revoked) and am in my 10 yr of my h1 am I good to go to apply for EAD with present acceptance dates?



Please advise



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First point, we are no experts, A qualified immigration attorney is your best choice.


 From the look of it i don't see why you would need to apply for PERM. A GC in employment based category is for future employment. As long as your employer has not revoked your I-140, i don't see a case for re applying. 


  You can actually apply for I-485 if your case is simple. But i would suggest you consult a good immigration attorney. I am sure you will find one with good experience and decent fees. They can catch simple stuff we don't which might come back to haunt us later.

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