How to get old priority date


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I have two questions:


1. Is priority date determined at the PERM time (perm filing date) or I-140 time?


2. How to get the priority date mentioned in my previous I-140?



I have approved I-140 from my previous employer in which the priority date is November 2011. Now my current company filed PERM this feb and got certified. My current employer saying the priority date is feb'2015. I-140 is not yet filed from my current employer.  Please advise how to retain the priority date from my previous I-140.


Is there any documents that we need to file during I-140 for requesting previous priority date or we crossed that time?


I appreciate your advise.



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The PDs for each case are different.

The PD for your earlier case is when the PERM for the earlier case was filed.

To transfer the old PD to the new case, inform the lawyer about your earlier case. Essentially, the old I-140 case # is required.

ok. I will ask them to attach the copy of my old I-140. thanks.

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