Can eligible I-485 filing after changing to new employer with I-140 Approved ?


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Yes i agree that the previous employer has to apply for I-485 in this case. And they can apply EAD and Advanced Parole too simultaneously with I-485. This is in good faith that the employee will come back to work with the company in future.


But i heard that its better to transfer back to previous employer and be on his payroll when I-485/EAD/AP is under processing. Is this true? Any recent statistics on this ?


Also my question is that once EAD is approved(say after 6 months) and I-485 still pending, can i move to another employer and port the I-485? Should that new employer apply for Labor/I-140 again or can they directly transfer over the I-485?




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When will the I485 be approved for these pre-AOS kind of cases ? Will it take several years , that is, when actual GC numbers are available ? 
Or , will it be approved in a few months when EAD/AP are provided. So, does this mean that we need to join old employer in a few months ?

Basically, when does the obligation to join the old employer arise ?


You need a job offer letter from the old employer, and you would need to start working for the old employer when the I-485 is approved.

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