Timing gap H4 - H1(COS)


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I have a timing problem and need some clarity on priority.


I came here on H4 which is valid till 9/24/2015.

My spouse has a H1 and valid till 9/24/2015 but in his online I-94 the validity is till 9/30/2015. He is about to file his extension by 9/11/2015.


I have applied for H1 (COS) in Apr 2015, got an RFE, later it was approved on Aug 6 2015. My H1 (COS) status starts from 10/01/2015. 


1. How do I manage my status for the 6 days between 9/24/2015 to 9/30/2015?

2. Is there no way to cover this six days on H4 status?

3. Can I apply for H4 extension along with my spouse and later on start working on H1 at a later date i.e., Jan 2016?

4. Please suggest the best way to avoid travel outside USA and maintain my H1 status.


An immediate response would be highly appreciated.

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