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Hello , 


I have few questions regarding my H1b transfer process  

I am work for company A recently went to India got H1B stamping visa with expiry date of 08/31/2017. Company B agreed to apply my transfer with premium  processing in next few days.


So my question are:


1. Once my transfer is completed to company B and will start working in company B  and if i  travel to India in Nov/Dec will i need new H1b visa stamping in India again because on my current visa stamp i will have company A name on it with expiry date as 08/31/2017


2.  If for some reason my H1B transfer was not approved in company B , Can I still be in legal status with company A if they don't revoke my H1B 


3.Will company A have any information regarding about the H1B transfer of company B.


4. After the transfer for some reason I decided not got to company B can i still be working with company A. 


any information provided is really helpful. 


Thanks in advance , 



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