H1B - Visa Interview in London U.S Embassy


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I recently added the H1B Visa stamping (with my spouse) in London as I live here. 


Date of Interview : Aug 24th 2015 / 8:30 am


After a series of questions about work, education, client and marriage the officer handed me over a white 221(g) and told that the case is in administrative processing and that it would around 4-5 weeks for processing. Its almost more than 2 weeks now and my case/batch# does NOT appear on the tracking sheet at dld.bz/nivap


I have no clue as to where my case stands. In the 221(g) they had asked us to follow to Contact Us form in case the batch doesn't appear online within 2 weeks of the interview. The Contact Us form isn't clear enough about the questions related to non-immigrant visas.


Anyone with similar experiences? How to follow up? How long to wait? When to re-apply for a visa?


All experiences/opinions are welcome



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