A Silly but Tricky Issue


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My PERM was applied in March 2014 and it was flagged for Audit. The Audit was cleared in July 2015.

To continue on to I-140 application my lawyer sent over to me one page of 9089 via postal service which I promptly signed and sent back via USPS.

Unfortunately, USPS has lost my document. While I have started the formal USPS enquiry I doubt they would ever be able to find it.

- What can I do in such situation? The lawyer said it was 'original' ETA 9089 and hence we should just wait to hear back from USPS.

- How can it be 'Original' copy? The document that I received just looked like printed version of soft copy.

- I had scanned the document just before sending via USPS, would that be helpful?


Its very important that my I-140 application be sent soon hence I'm very nervous about this.

Any help appreciated.

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