Questions for Visa for France and some general questions


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Hi All, 

I am planning to visit Paris during my flight to India from USA. I am a H1B holder and will be travelling with my wife who is on H4. I am planning to give interview at San francisco consulate. I have a few questions

1. Has anyone booked hotels already (prior to interviews) I am still planning places to visit and was waiting for that to book hotels. 
2. I am on H1B and its like a transit. Do I need to worry about anything ?
3. I am mostly following rules @ http://www.consulfrance-sanfrancisco...hp?rubrique806 is this correct document or is there any other place to refer to ?
4. For the Visa photos, where shall i get them from ? Any place in bay area ? Walmart / Walgreens / Costco etc ?
5. Processing fees : Can we take it as cash that day or do we have to pay it before ?
6. Medical coverage : where can i get it from ?
7. For the form: # of entries requested, can we keep it to one or more than one ? Do you know if it impacts the application at all ?
8. My trip is in Nov first week. When should i go for the visa interview ?
9. Lastly, if trip is a short one just like me (3 days) and can you suggest places/hotel you are planning/booked and can share, that would be a great headsup. 


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First you need to go through the website quoted by you rather than asking questions which are already answered in the website.

1. Without hotel bookings your visa will not be approved. Look for hotels that allows refunds upon cancellation.

2. It is not a transit but a visit as you are entering the country.

3. It is their official website and so why would you doubt that?

4. Anywhere they provide photos with the said dimension.

5. You need to pay it on the day of interview.

6. Look at visitors insurance to France in google.

7. If you plan to visit more than once then multiple entries.

8. I believe not more than 3 months before journey.

9. Google search for hotels in the city in France you are planning to visit.

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