H1B RFE - Client letter Urgent


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I applied H1B extension with premium processing on August 7th, received RFE on 17th August to provide client letter. My employer filled my H1B petition and I work in client’s location through Vendor. According to my client’s corporate policy, they cannot provide any documentation to contractor/leased employee. I already gave enough documents to prove that I am working at client’s location through Vendor (and employer). I provided following documents for employer-employee-vendor-client relationship.

1.    Vendor letter

2.    Employer letter

3.    Work email ID screen shot with client’s location

4.    Co-worker letter from teammate who work at Client’s location

5.    Appreciation email from Manager at Client’s location

6.    Client’s corporate policy to indicate they cannot provide documents to contractor

7.    Latest PO


I really need help to reply my RFE for client letter. Are there more chances for my H1 denied? Are there any other documents that I can provide to prove that I cannot give client letter?

Please let me know if you have any suggestion. 

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