H1B PP transfer receipt not received..


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Hi All,


My current H1B/I-94 is expiring on 09/11/2015, my new employer submitted the H1B transfer under the premium processing on 08/31/2015 but still I haven't received the receipt number.


My question is can I stay in US after my current H1B visa expiration date, when can I expect a receipt number for my new H1B petition.


Any suggestions will be appreciated.




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Thanks for your reply.



One more thing- How will i get the Receipt number to track it in the future as well as i need for change address (For AR11 form)?




Ankit Kathpalia


You should be getting the receipt at anytime now, and since its in premium processing you might just  be getting your approval shortly as well. People have recently reported delays in premium processing, but I would still think they get processed on a higher priority.

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