H4 Visa stamping requirement after changing date of birth in passport


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My wife changed her date of birth in her Indian passport, to match her birth certificate, earlier this year (in Feb). She has a H4 visa (with the old date of birth) in the old passport.

He H4 visa is valid till Jan 2016.


She came to the US couple of days back and was detained at the airport for additional enquiry and was let go with a warning. The immigration officer said that she should have changed the date of birth in the visa.(i.e applied for  a new visa)

They really did not give any value to the new passport, original birth certificate or affidavits from her parents.


Is it necessary to apply for a new H4 visa to reflect the corrected date of birth in her new passport when the old visa is still valid.


I would appreciate any advice in this regard.



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