Can spouse be added after 485 approval ?


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Hello All,


Here is our situation

  I had filled for 485 when my spouse was not present in US (during the July/Aug 2007) so she is NOT on my 485 application as a dependent. She is working on H1-B now, so her status is not dependent on my 485. 

9/2/15 : Received email from USCIS informing that Cards have been submitted for production and also Welcome letter has been sent.


It looks like based on the email from USCIS that my 485 is now approved. Is it still possible for me to submit all the necessary documents and submit 485 application for my wife since the priority date is still current (my EB3 PD is SEP-2014).


Appreciate if you can please shed some light on

1. Can we go ahead and send 485 application

2. What are the documents that need to be sent .. Medical, 485, any other ??


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