Can i use past H1b approval and request employer to file my H1B under Cap-Exception? Or will I have to through the H1B Cap in April?


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Dear Attorney,


I have applied for H1B during the year 2007,My petition got approved and visa got stamped in my passport.

My Visa starts on 19Nov2008 -  and expires on 19Sep2011
But due to personal reasons, I din't use this H1B and till now never travelled to US.
Now 7 yrs over:
 i) Using  this past approved H1,  can i file a new petition under cap exempt?
 ii) If cap exempt, What is the process of getting cap exemption thorough a new employer for processing the H1B?
iii) Is it better to ask the employer who processed H1B in 2007 to file a new petition under cap exempt?
iv) If am not eligible for cap exempt, will it give any impact for fresh petition in 2016 as i dint use prev h1b?
Eagerly waiting for response. 
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