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My case is almost similar to the above one as even I have received an RFE for education. I am extra concerned as I presume it to be strong than the one above.

I am a June-2009 passedout however, I have received my degree in June-2010 due to my educational backlogs. I still hold a "First Class" degree and I am concerned if this will have any impact on my H1B. Also, there is a conflict in my Education-Experience as my degree certificate says 2010 but I hold an experience certificate for the period June 2009-June 2010. The work experience is not a fake one as I was really employed with a small entity during the tenure mentioned while I was preparing for my arrears.

So, please let me know if this will become a hurdle for my approval as I heard educational backlogs might be a carrier for H1B student via.

My current employer is HCL and 3i is sponsoring my H1B and it's a work visa.

P.S : I am an engineering graduate of Hindustan College of Engineering, affiliated to Anna University, Chennai.



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