H1B Cap exempt - (2007 to 2010)


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Hello experts,


 I was working with a company A in india in 2007.


Company B processed my H1B, got it stamped and it was valid from Oct,2007-Sept,2010.

Because of some personal reasons, I have never used it and never travelled to US.I have not worked with company B.


I am working for an MNC C in India now.


Now. company D says that my old H1B can be applied under Cap-Exempt and they are ready to prcess it.


1. As I have not worked with Company B (H1B processed company), Can company D apply for H1B under Cap Exempt now? If yes, What is probability of its approval?




2. If it is not approved with Company D now, Later Can I go with company B(company H1 Processed) or Company C (which I am working now) under Cap Excempt again.




3. Is it better to go with company B(H1 Processed company) directly under cap-exempt now?




4. Can I go with two Cap exempt H1B applications with Company D and B now?



Thanks you very much in advance for your inputs,






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