Selling beer to underage 21 in F1 status.


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    Please help in this issue for a stupid mistake i did.


I got a citation(pink slip) for selling malt beverage(beer) to underage last year.I hired a attorney he said to attend only class to dismiss the charges.


I have attended the BAR class and submitted my certificate to attorney and he send me a copy of letter and copy(DISMISSAL ) and said your charges are voluntarily dismissed and not found guilty.No charge of fine, probation or fingerprints anything.


This is first my ticket in my life.Please help me i am really worried badly these days.


 My questions are:


1) What i have to do now legally to avoid any consequences to study and work in this country?


2) Does this "citation comes under arrest, because i never arrested nor handcuffed, i only got a citation" .  


3) i am planning to go to India for emergency during F1 status, what consequences i will face when i am on F1 status.


4) What i should answer to VO and POE, if they ask about the charge.?


5) i am eligible to expunge the dismissed charges in my state.Is that right to do.Does it effect in any future GC and H1b. Most importantly does expunge helps me..?


Please help me and reply to my questions. Thanks in advance.


Your experience and suggestions are more important to me right now.




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