Converting application from EB3 to EB2 help

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I have my application in EB3 approved I-140.

When my application started I had 4.5 years experience with BSc and M.Sc from IIT Bombay.

My manager approved for EB2 but lawyer filed in EB3 even after telling him I will get the evaluation of my education and take risk for it.

My labor job description has Bacehlors with experience as well as Masters with 2 years experience.

Infact when he filed my application in EB3 in i-140 he mentioned I have masters degree.

I didn't fight much with lawyer and let him go with application. But realized it was very unfair to me having degree from such top class university and experience. Total my experience now 7 years.

After talking to manager recently with whole scenario they are saying talk to lawyer and i will approve for your eb2.

I contacted my lawyer to ask for Eb2 application. He is asking for weather i changed my job completely or if I have bachelors 3 years or 4 years. He is not even talking about my masters. Could anyone help what should I respond to get application apply for Eb2.

I want to take risk for it also.. give some suggestions and how to handle this case.

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