PD Current but out of US - going for CP (but had filed AC21 (Employer Changed) )


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Here is my situation and expecting your valuable opinions/response:


Would there be any issue in filing Consular Processing (I-824/CP) as my I-140 is from different Employer who filed GC and AC21 employer now filing I-824/CP??



My PD (May 2004) is now current and received RFE for Employment Continuation and submitting Medical Records. My case falls under July/Aug-2007 period where USCIS asked to file I-485 and then backdated PD.


In 2009, I had changed Employer by filing AC21 and maintained EAD/AP till 2015 (AP expired May 2015 and EAD is Valid till Sept 2016) but had decided to do Consular Processing. I am with same employer in USA and will continue while in India since 2009. Left US on Sept-2014 and travelled back and forth multiple times on AP from 2009 to 2014.


Let me know if I missed anything to mentioned in my case.


Note: 2 weeks back had taken Murthy appointment to see what all options available to enter into US and about CP but this particular question left. I can take another appointment if needed but before that looking for answers from experts here.



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