L2 visa and EAD extension


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My L2 visa and EAD details are below:


L2 visa and EAD validity - expiring on Oct 1st 2015


My spouse who is on L1 visa got an approved petition recently which is valid until Oct 1st 2017. I'm currently working on my existing L2 EAD which is valid until Oct 1st 2015. I have applied for extension of L2 visa and EAD together on August 25th 2015(form i-539 and i-765). I'm aware of the fact that I cannot work after my EAD expires, but my question is - since my extension is already in progress can I continue my employment after Oct 1st 2015 until I get a response from USCIS? If yes, is there a limit on number of days?


Thanks for your time and consideration!




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