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I am on H1B Visa. I have filed for the extension this year and this would be my third extension. I have my i-140 approved. Based on i-140, and my coming visa extension for more then 6 years, I have filed for my wife's H4 EAD application which ix expected to be approved after my visa extension. 


I assume my extension would come in 15 days. Now if I switch the employer. will ;


1. I need to file a new visa extension on base of approved i140?

2. the extended visa can be transfered to the new employee?

3. Will i need to apply for a new i-140 with the new employer or I can keep the current i-140?

4. Will change in employment and the paper work would effect my wife's H-4 EAD?

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From the above post, if old employer doesn't withdraw approved I-140,

1) Do we still need to file for I-140 with new employer?

2) What it takes for the old employer to maintain the I-140 status without having withdrawn? does it take any fees?

1. No.

2. Nothing other than that the position will be available once your GC is approved.

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