Urgent H1b Extension Issue Please Suggest


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I am in really bad situation, I have 1mnth left with my current h1b and it's due on sep 30th need to go for extension ASAP.


Worst part is my contract with current project is also due at the same time, Though i have all client letter and all with me. I asked my employer to file the extension.


He says there is some PO issue which is stoping him to go ahead.


I am very much worried as days are approaching i need to get reciept in hand.


How important is PO when we file for h1b, Can i send the packet as it is and mean while if i switch the job can use the new PO later in case of any RFE.


PLease suggest me on this situation.


Thanks in advance.

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Try to get your employer to file your H1B petition with all documents at least a week before your petition or I94 validity date. In worst case, file one with whatever documents your employer has. If a RFE is raised a proper response is needed to get an approval.


Also, start looking for a good employer.

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@Rahul @Jairichi


Thanks for all the help. Yes the client mentioned is doing FT too. But as you know FT processing will take more tha expected.


I don't want to be in a situation im left in no where. So trying to get atleast reciept and go from there.



Thank You!

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