H1B stamping and travel - Canada or Hyderabad?


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Hello :) 


I just got my H1b approved a few days back and my project's going to end in December 2015. 


I need to attend an important event in Hyderabad,India in November, 2015 . My question here is,


1)Is it a good idea to get my stamping done in Canada in October and then travel to India in November,just to be safe  ...... or......would it a good idea to get both my stamping done and attend event in Hyderabad, just to avoid the extra costs & time to visit Canada 


Basically, my summarized question would be what are the prospects of my visa stamping getting done in Canada vs Hyderabad.


2) Also, can I re-enter US just before my project's about to end in a few days? 


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