Follow-to-join (I824) at NVC stage : LPR Child is added as "accompany" applicant


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I'm an LPR (AOS via EB2). My wife's GC (AOS) was denied due to our fault in not responding to an RFE on time, however my 11 years old daughter's GC got approved. My wife and daughter are in India now. I applied I824 (Follow-to-join) for my wife alone and the same is approved by USCIS last month. I received the case number from NVC now.


In NVC website, my wife name is mentioned as PRINCIPAL APPLICANT, however my daughter's name is also added as "ACCOMPANY" under APPLICANT INFORMATION. My daughter has GC and I have never applied I824 for her. I'm confused how/why my daughter also added as an applicant here in this case. Is it an error made by NVC? How could I remove my daughter from this case as she is a GC holder already?   Thanks for your help in clarifying.

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