Getting a Copy of my RFE from USCIS


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Even though a RFE was issued on my I-765 on 07/24/2015, I have not received it. Opened a SR on 08/10/2015 and received a reply on 08/24/2015 that USCIS has requested for my RFE to be re-sent. No RFE yet. 

I see in the forums that some members were able to get the L2 to fax a copy of the RFE. I tried this several times and was told by L2 that only TSC can fax the RFE and they have no access to my RFE. Contacted my Congressman last week and they asked for 30 days. 

1) How do I get Level 2 to fax me the RFE? 
2) Once you get an email from SR that they have requested to send my RFE again, how long does it take to get it? 

Thank you!

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