outcome of H1B visa interview


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Hello all,

firstly, thanks all for the great work in sharing valuable information and experiences.

could you help me understand more about H1B stamping ? am aware of the purpose of stamping but i need to know more about the outcome of stamping after the visa interview.

1) if stamping approved, you get your H1B visa - described as " the golden words "
2) if you get RFE or 221G , you go under administrative processing , what happens here ?
3) how many times can we go through administrative processing if our documents are incorrect or not sufficient ?
4) can a H1B visa be denied or rejected during visa interview ? or rejection and denial means the same for H1 ?

my understanding is as follows
a) for H1B denial : this means you stamping is denied during the visa interview for that particular client through that particular employer. but your H1B visa+work permit is valid. you can try for stamping with a different employer or stay with same employer and go with different client. 

b) for H1B rejection : this means, your authenticity or credibility of H1B visa is doubtful , hence your visa is invoked back. you longer have a H1B work visa and you have to reapply to get one.

please correct me if am wrong and help me understand better.




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