H1B Visa Stamping with future H1B Extension date


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Hi all,


I need your expert advice on my case


I came to USA in 2010 on F1 visa and after my masters I started working on H1B from Oct 2014.My current I -797 validity ends on 31-DEC-2105. 


So my company extended my H1B visa for next 3 years. And my new H1B extension is valid from 01-Jan-2016 to 31-Dec-2018.


I am planning to visit my family in India next month. So i am traveling to India on 5-Sep-2015 and returning back on 12-Oct-2015. As i do not have H1B stamping on my passport, so i will be attending for H1B visa stamping in India on Sep 8th? (115 days before my new petition start date)


So my question is


1) For DS160, should I use new H1B extension I-797 which is valid from 01-Jan-2016 to 31-Dec-2018?


2) If i got my H1B stamping based on new H1B Extension,  will i have any problem at Port Of Entry with that visa, as that I-797 starts from 01-Jan-2016?


Please advice, as i have booked my travel, i need to plan for this.


Appreciate your help.



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