H1B transfer approved but without I-94


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I've recently joined employer B from employer A. Employer B filed my H1 transfer in premium and I started working for B after receiving case receipt. Today I have got transfer approval notice but without I-94 attached to it. Employer A petition is still valid till Jul 5th 2016 along with I-94 attached to it. I have below questions now.


1. I have a vacation planned to India in October 2015, I thought to get back to US with stamping based on new petition. But within current circumstances, can I wait till Oct to exit US for stamping based on my previous employer petition I-94?

2. is there any time limit in this case to exit US for stamping?


I have read few online forums, which says that, in case of only transfer without any change in existing validity dates, USCIS do not attach new I-94 with new petition, is it true?


Please help me with my questions.

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